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Marketing & Client Service

E-mail: Pat@morganbenefits.com

Phone: 216.503.4139

Pat joined Morgan Benefits in 2012 after working a career of 20 years as a secondary school teacher, primarily social studies and theology. He love to play guitar and study the Bible and theology. He likes to “wrog” (somewhere between walking and jogging!) to stay in shape. Pat and Arlene have 5 children:
Erin – a student at OSU-ATI who loves animals, music and plays the mandolin
Patrick- a high school senior who plays the guitar and loves all Cleveland sport teams
David – breaking the junior high student molds by attending Ohio Virtual Academy and loving it. He is a charming and persistent participany in all things family.
Timothy- a 7th grader and member of the Kenston Soccer Club, an outdoor lover who keeps the window open year-round.
Jonah-a 2nd grader who loves Pokemon, Batman, Toy Story and reading.


Employee Directory
3628 Walnut Hills Road, Suite 200, Orange Village, Ohio 44122 | 216.765.8322 ext.1 | www.MorganBenefits.com